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Green Building Technical Consulting

∼Green Building Technical Consulting∼

One of the most significant challenges facing any project team is determining the most cost-effective means of generating a truly high-performance building. Green Building Consulting conducts feasibility studies and financial analyses to understand the budget and performance impacts of design, specification, and construction decisions.

Green Building Consulting can also identify areas of concern in planning, site design and layout, water use, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and indoor air quality. High-performance building optimization services will help you identify where your project can achieve the greatest environmental and health benefits for the least cost.

For existing buildings, Green Building Consulting provides building systems audits to identify opportunities to green your facility along with the associated costs and benefits. We offer advice on the best technologies, systems and practices to reduce operating costs, protect capital investments, and enhance occupant experience. For projects still in the design phase, Green Building Consulting can review design and construction drawings for sustainability guidance, and is able to tailor specifications to incorporate green elements and translate these requirements to the contractor and subcontractor. Our deep knowledge of environmentally preferred and cost-effective products will move your project forward faster.